Oral or Facial Pain
Myofascial Facial Pain

Myofascial face pain is a form of persistent, dull, aching pain originating from the face, neck, and / or jaw muscles. It can occur in patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD - see that section of our website), fibromyalgia, and as a primary problem following muscle strain or injury.

Unfortunately, there remains a considerable amount of confusion, myths, misdiagnosis and mistreatment around myofascial face pain. Patients often undergo expensive and unecessary evaluations and treatments. Most patients with myofascial face pain can be easily diagnosed based upon a simple clinical examination.

Many forms of myofascial face pain can be effectively resolved with conservative treatment, but some forms become chronic and require continued treatment to minimize pain and improve function.

Dr. Sirois is s Diplomat of the American Board of Oral Medicine, received the PhD in Neruoscience, is an internationally recognized expert in the diagnosis and treatment of TMDs, and is a research scientist funded by the National Institutes of Health on the mechanisms and treatment of TMD and myofascial face pain.

If you think you have myofascial face pain, schedule a consultation with Dr. Sirois to get the best advice.

For authoritative patient resources on myofascial face pain and TMD, visit these organization websites:

National Institutes of Health: http://www.nidcr.nih.gov/OralHealth/Topics/TMJ/TMJDisorders.htm

The TMJ Association: http://www.tmj.org/